Natural Ruby 1.97ct Loose Gemstone Oval Cut Big Red Gem 8x6.5mm (8x7mm)

  • Posted on: 10 November 2019
  • By: admin
   Big Oval shaped Ruby Loose Faceted Gemstone. Cut : Oval Weight : 1.97ct Clarity : SI2 Color : Red Origin : Madagascar Size : 8x6.5mm or 6.5x8mm (Or can be used in 7x8mm or 8x7mm setting) Treatment: Medium level Fissure Filled by Lead Glass. This is a loose faceted gem. Generally cheap letter rates are for smaller than 5g items or items less than 16mm thick. Domestic within Australia in DL size letter. Economy Letter, 20mm thick, 125gm. Economy Letter, 20mm thick, 250gm. Registered Letter, 20mm thick, 500gm. Economy Letter, 20mm thick, 50gm. Domestic Parcel within Australia, 3kg. ...

Big Natural Ruby 1.97ct 7.5x7mm Loose Gemstone Beautiful Cushion Cut Nice Colour

  • Posted on: 27 July 2019
  • By: admin
   Beautiful Big Cushion Cut Ruby Loose Faceted Gemstone. Cut : Cushion Weight : 1.97ct Clarity : SI Color : Pink Red Origin : Madagascar Size : 7.5x7mm (can be used in 8x7 or 7x8mm setting) Treatment: Slightly Fissure Filled by Lead Glass. This natural Ruby has very little glass filling and far better quality compared to other similar Rubies. It is a very nice ruby at a very low price. It's clarity is determined as SI because it has natural hexagonal silk crystal structure visible otherwise it is VS. Having a hexagon is 100% confirmation that Ruby is Natural. This is a loose faceted ...